towns and cities of the world

Deadline is looming and still haven't got a few answers and not convinced on others

1) fur is ruffled in two possible ways (5)
2) river not ending in mountains (9)
3) leave nothing in this place (5)
4) garment shortened with final mix-up (7)
5) island island island in North America (7)

Many thanks!!!!!
06:32 Wed 07th Sep 2011
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5) Nicosia
3 Quito
4 Dresden?
2 Melbourne
1 Basle/Basel - anag of Sable?
Question Author
thank you Voulez-vous and Calibax. Bulliver - how did you get Melbourne please?
River Elb(e) in Mountains of Mourne.
In case Bulliver is not around

River Elbe ( not ending - Elb)
in Mountains (of Mourne)
Question Author
brilliant thank you!!!!!

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