Quiz :- Towns and cities of the world

1) I eat out (6)
2) poet and soldier (6)
3) hats off to county (8)
4) toy once popular mainly with boys? No, no (5)
5) Gentleman's gentleman rises at 4 (7)

many thanks in advance!!
08:54 Thu 18th Aug 2011
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4 tokyo
1 Medina?
5 Valetta ?
2 Sydney ?
Question Author
I have absolutely no idea how you have got those, but I'm putting them in!! been struggling with this quiz for 2 months. Thanks
3 Tashkent
4 Mecca = sound like mecha(no)
4 sorry, no sounds like needed if I spell the toy correctly - mecca(no)
5. Tel Aviv (valet in reverse with IV for four)
Teouat (Niger) Teouat is a town and commune in the Arlit Department of the Agadez Region of northern-central Niger.
^^ anag of eat out
Question Author
brilliant, quite sure I'd never have got some of those in a million years. Many thanks!!

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