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Can u solve any of these4me? NO theme has been given.

50 DW. 1A. AFD.

1MPN starring GP.

0 C on a C.

5 O on PE.

80 QITQ.

I presume 1 MPN is film starrin eg G Paltrow. 80 Q ITQ - 80 Q in the Quran? 1A. AFD - All Fall Down? No other ideas and these mayb wrong.
14:00 Tue 22nd Mar 2011
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one million pound note starring gregory peck?
80 questions in this quiz?
0 corners on a circle
Question Author
brilliant thanks for the help, only 2 left lol
1 million pound note starring Gregory Peck, though I think was the actually The million pound note!
5 oceans on planet earth
Question Author
Yep, just checked. useful to know thanks!
There is a book about the Atom bomb dropped on Japan called the fifty days war. What about 50 days war. 1 atomic (bomb). All fall down?
Just a suggestion.
Question Author
good you are grasscrap even with duff info lol

50 DW.

1A. AFD.

they are separate..
Question Author
which war does it apply i;ve not heard of that?
Oh well that is easy. 1 Atishoo. All fall down. (end of Ring a Ring of Roses nursery rhyme).
Question Author
ahh, anything else for 50 DW?
and this is where I got the other suggestion
I am very good at getting it wrong!
Question Author
it still helps!

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