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hi all, has anyone got the answer to the clue " pleasure ground " ? 9, 4. I have -m-s-m-n- park. many thanks...
9a Man is opening cash machine showing lack of faith A???i?? 10a It changes the sound of the sea in Curacao C?????? 12a Chap with radio is excited, having swallowed this ????o?????? ta...
26a Here you'll find White Stripes music that's rather bland (6-2-3-4). I have no letters for this one. Sorry! Ruthiex
Can anyone help please ? last two ! 23 across , makes a bad start at Newmarket 7 17 down , Pardons one for initially usurping duties . Many thanks
7a] Something very difficult. [3] PE?. 5d] Phonectic symbol. [3] EN?....
It flies with the lady abroad. (5) ?E?O?
Haggled, worked towards agreed terms 10
3d arm revolutionary during seizure u?i
1) Work is a strain to him (4,6) ????, ?R???R 2) For someone paid to go to jail for another, it is (4,2,5) ????, I?, M?N?Y 3) Gave up the pursuit (8) R?S?????
No bias upset inventive american(6)???s?? Neat attendant(7)C???e??
17d Element from a metal found in fruit(8). I have ???l?n?? Can anyone help me please....
15d. Attempt to influence and entrance (5) 19a. Cor! Deny life? Can this be how to respect nature?(11) Thank you...
Thursday. Deep love generated by right chemical (9). Criticism of aid sent to clan(8). Thanks in anticipation
Last one not bright today 3 d) Directly in a flap (2,3,4,5) I have A_ t_e _r_w _l_e_ just cannot fathom !
15a Retire always around the end of year to do return (6) ?E?E?E? 12d Religious festival, a key date following Good Friday's over, about to become defunct ( 5,3) ???S? D?Y Feast Day ? Last letter of...
18d good time to do some hoeing over 14a w?e?e?d assume it is weekend
Last one cannot find 33 a) A fair gig disturbs river, forest and glen near Foyers {anag} 8) _a_i_a_g many thanks for help given
2d) Indian music intro ala? Thanks
16D System for connecting computers (8) E?H???D? Thank you for any help
5d) Phonetic symbol. en? Thanks

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