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As this is a Beta we only have a limited number of papers and quizzes listed. If you think your favourite Quiz, Crossword or Puzzle should be listed here don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Disappointing caper and been recipe i got from critic (13) ??????i??????
9a persuade Greeks to accept a little latitude,say (6) ?e?r?? 3d groups of similar species are not all common (6)?e???a 7d smart forerunner of cocktail bar (6) c?e?e? Thanks in advance.
Range speaks of more than one member of species related to tiger lily (10) ??a???????
anagram name of a singer tv presenter 8 and 5 letters from the following UOEEHELHPLY??...
4 across (6) Honest. I have G*N*I* Is it Gentil? Not sure that fits the clue or the usual link between the first two answers (Gentil Call)...
28a The union guys with side collapsing - they are tragic characters 3,9. I only have ?????M???D
18a cowardly bird starts in the shade
8d, Territory of NW Canada formed from part of the Northwest Territories in 1999 as a semi-autonomous region for the inuit. (7) I have for my answer Nunavat. Brians crossword answer gives it as...
16d promise that never occurs, as Alice was told 2 words 3-8, J?M OM?O?O?P?N 4d word from Burns for hot ashes, is it EASLE, can only find aisle thanks for help...
defeat within success:good discussion for the female commentator (13) ?O??????A????
sorry 8d incentive to have money l?n?
8d incie to have money l?n?
Political manoeuvring - or the expertise shown by British railways clerk (12) ???n???????t
92 Down - Dilapidated, ramshackle (7) ?i?k??? 110 Across - Fashion, design (5) ???k? 107 Across - Edible parts of animals or fruit (5) D?e?? 102 Down - Edible shellfish (5) ???l? 111 Across - Critics...
6D I**S**t Pinks to grow out littlle blot
6 Across, On the face of it, tray would break (9) ?U???R?L? 2 Down, Wee darling (10) ???E?H?A?T 4 Down, Smart to know when leaving bird (4) ?H?E Many thanks in advance...
Anyone got the singer and tv presenter 8 & 5 uoserheclhmel Thanks for any help...
plse help. what is a soft metallic element used in lasers called. .E..I.M (7)
11a a time to impress very old conservative supporter 8 letters 25a girls gemstone turned up but not on duchess m?i? 15a abandoned wife meets famous roman not Yankee w?n?o?...
what is name of a soft metallic element used in lasers .E..I.M (7) thank you

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