The Sunday Times - Where was I?

Any help please on Q1 just can't fathom it. Think Q2 is Rylands Library. Thanks
15:20 Sun 20th Feb 2011
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... and Q1 is?
Tell us the clues and we'll try to help!
I Think you are talking about 9D - YALE UNIVERSITY
Are these cryptic clues? Maybe fathom relates to the sea. If you can't fathom it, is it a lake that has dried up maybe?
Enriqueta Rylands
Think it might be Mount Manistry. Have been googling all afternoon to no avail, and my better half put his hand on a photographic book of the Manchester Ship Canal and there it was. At Ellesmere Port. It's a few years since I did where was I, thanks for reminding me about it!
Mount Manesty is the answer to Q1. I answered Q2 earlier^^^^^
Question Author
Many thanks johnsmemory and sir.prize for your help, only just seen your answers.

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