Big Monday Crossword.

20ac Genus of ruminant mammals of the family Bovidae ti wich the goats belong. (5) 22ac Mountain nymph spurned by Narcissus who pined away until only her voice remained.(4) 24ac Pungent colourless gas with the technical name trioxygen, from the greek verb`to smell.(5) 29ac Clear toxic liquid hydrocarbon (c6h6)occurring in coal tar, used as a solvent.(7) (b???e??) 32ac Poisonous evergreen Mediterraneansrub or the genus Nerium (Dogbane family),the rosebay.(8) 34ac Person who provides financial support for an enterprise, especially a theatrical production.(5) (????l)
11:09 Tue 14th Sep 2010
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20a - capra.
22a - echo.
24a - ozone.
29a - benzene.
34a - angel.
32a - oleander.
sorry missed this out
Question Author
Many thanks,I was away till yesterday so i was way behind with my crosswords .Good luck to you.
You can always check your Express Crossword answers on Brian's site
20a capra
22a echo
24a ozone
29a benzene
32a oleander
34a angel

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