Sunday Express 1,000 pound crossword

can anyone help with the last three answers: 8D: A ligh soft yeast cake full of small holes eaten toasted, c-u-p-t 21A: Northern oceanic diving bird with black and white plumage and a long narrow bill,: -u-l-e--t 33A: Wild pigs with heavy tusks and manes of course hair: -a-t-o-s Thanks in advance
14:32 Sun 20th Jul 2008
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8d crumpet

21 a guillemot
sorry forgot last answer

Question Author
Thanks folks, of course crumpet, must be the weather

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As Brians site is down at the moment is there any other site I can check my answers against for the Sunday Express £1,000 crossword and my wifes The Squire's clues please. Thankyou for any help....

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