Sunday Express Prize Crossword 14.10.07

11a Another name for sleight of hand (11) 21a A small power driven hand operated rotary file (4) 26a A device which converts electric currents into recognisable sound waves into a telephone receiver (8) 28a An Asian shrub with cluster of pink, purple, red or white showy bell shaped flowers (7) 34a A paid office or post involving minimal duties (8) 18d European plant with star shaped blue flowers, young leaves of which are cucumber flavoured (6) Any help would be appreciated Cheers!
10:59 Sun 14th Oct 2007
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11dn legerdemain
11a legerdemain
21a Burr
26a Earpiece
28a Weigela
34a Sinecure
18d Borage
Question Author
Thanks very much, I should have known a couple of them, but must admit I hadn't heard of a couple either!

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