the mail on sunday �1500 crossword

only got a few left to do but having trouble with them.hope you all can help,
15 a.burgh in fife north east of dunfermline
16 a.the capital of guinea.
42 between the mainland of scotland and the isle of lewis
43 a.bean has a pinkish-brown speckled skin that turns brown when cooked
17 d.mammal of central africa with a reddish brown coat and white stripes on its rump and legs
31 supporting actress oscar nominee for tootsie
36 a.maria?,tennis player who won the 1959 us womens national singles championship winner
09:49 Sun 18th Mar 2007
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36 a maria bueno
15a. Cowdenbeath.

16a. Conakry.

42a. North Minch.

43a. Borlotti.

31d. Teri Garr.
17d = okapi
thanks on cowdenbeath.
Question Author
thanks everybody for all your help

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