Saga January 2014

2down An essential point or neat officer(7) A?I?T??
23 ac Newspaper report about weight upset composer(7) M??????
26 ac. Fool, perhaps, cautious about one time Broadway musical(5,7) ????? ?H?????
20:12 Tue 31st Dec 2013
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23 mozart
sorry not enough letters
26 Just been answered elsewhere as sweet charity
26 answered by bibblebub as Sweet Charity
Menotti? (Item + ton reversed)

noun - United States composer (born in Italy) of operas (born in 1911)

Question Author
Could 23 be Mozetta
Mozetta is a short cape worn by the pope, etc
Question Author
Thanks to you all I wanted 0z in 23 across for the weight but I must be wrong
Question Author
Thanks again for explaining

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