Dt £500 G.k.

I am stuck on four today - any help appreciated. 106d Smoking ......; variety of wassail or punch popular with the Victorians at Christmas that features in A Christmas Carol (6) - I have ?I???? 107d Official licence issued by the Roman Catholic Church to print a book (10) - I have ?M?????T?R 119a According to an old poem, one of Santa Clause's reindeer (6) - I have ?A???? 130a A type of woollen or fluffy ball used to decorate the centre of a tam-o'-shanter (6) - I have ?O???? (is it bobble?)
17:31 Sun 22nd Dec 2013
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119a Dasher
119a Pom-pom
107d Imprimatur
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Many thanks!

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