Guardian Prize

Conformation please
Grid A South West corner I have
Across X D N
Down R G Z

Suspect something amiss as the G is giving me grief, it being the only one left.

Grid B North East corner I have Down D O Q & across ? W Y
Do I need to start with clean sheet ??
15:53 Sun 25th Aug 2013
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Grid A - you need XI?G?

Not sure which one you're referring to with R?G?Z (?)

G (A) - G-ledge

Grid B - perhaps if you posted the clues that seem to be hampering you?..
Question Author
Sorry Lie- in King not best explained. The initials refered to the answers in that area. But as you have Gledge for glance I'm well satisfied. That only leaves Grid B and the N (no way drink is the cure) I have NA?T?U?
N (B) - No-st-rum
rainblue - for Grid B NE try (down) Y O Q and (across) N W D
Question Author
Thank you Lie- King and Ouzel I had DAUNT & YONNE reversed. Much obliged, I can concentrate on Where was I now , looks easy.

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