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clue name of a recent feature length channel 4 spy drama 9 letters i have ( ?lict?pom ) these are jumbled
19:17 Mon 11th Mar 2013
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Dunno, I've got LIMTPICE (i don't know the answers to half of the people questions)
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thanks mark
I have the letters M P T R L if that is any help. The answer is a 2 word answer 4 & 8 ( not a 9 letter ). If I work it out I will let you know
which week is that, chris? This week's answer is 11 letters, a supernatural drama (week 12)
the answer for tv crossword is Complicit. yes it is a 9letter answer.
The question was name a recent spy drama
Yes, that was a previous edition - you said at 21.13 that the answer was 4,9 - which edition is that?

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