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Help! I must be missing something but can't even get off the starting blocks today! For the word with the X in I'm thinking context or pretext but what does that make the ??x? word?
11:34 Sat 17th Nov 2012
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Is there a clue to this ?
Word with x is Exposing
Question Author
I don't think I explained that very well! There is a 7 letter word ( - - - - -X -) which crosses with a 4 letter one (- - X-). Assuming the 4 letter one is TEXT that would make the longer one - - - E - X E. It has totally got me stumped!
POLEAXE would fit
greeneyedmonster, can you just give the clue with any letters you have placed.

Ie, ???????
sorry, just seen 'codeword' not crossword : (

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