times jumbo times 2 1000

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dontshout | 10:51 Sat 29th Sep 2012 | Crosswords
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18ac Make use of a personal advantage. p-a- o--- s-t-n-e-t -a-d
13ac Like a realistic robot a-i-a-r---g.
5ac causing harm --l-d-r-c.
5d financiers --------.

Hopeless today any help please.



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18 play ones strong card?
10:53 Sat 29th Sep 2012
18 play ones strong card?
I think the G on 13ac should be C
strongest card?
What sandyroe said except STRONGEST
13a animatronic
5d moneymen
5a answered earlier as malefic
MALEFIC sounds okay but aren't we looking for a 9 letter word
Play ones strongest card/hand - don't know which they could both apply
Good point, dofray
Question Author
Thank you all very much.

I have put my mistake right and finished the crossword.


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times jumbo times 2 1000

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