Historical name for Anatolia

08:50 Sun 15th Jul 2012
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Asia Minor - is an answer that has cropped up here in recent times
Please can you provide details of the number of letters and any known ones. Asia Minor may be right but someone else said it was 6 letters beginning with B
This poster said it was B?B?L? but I think they slipped up
16dwn is Asia Minor
I'm also stuck with this but the letters available are B-B-L-.
http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/Quizzes-and Puzzles/Question1152233.html
^^^^ don't know what happened there, see LIKs post @ 13:17 under crosswords ^^^^

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historical name for the region of Turkey now call Anatolia Also 36a grammatical case that affects nouns, pronouns and adjectives used to indicate possession or close association

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