13a love, love the the sports body 5,2 s-e-t,-a 7d fashion followers tearful, clutching dior top 6 -o-i-t 30a drunk imbibing last of mrtini and, later, last of wine, having no master 9 l-e-e-e-s
11:06 Sun 27th May 2012
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sweet fa
13a sweet fa
7d modist
30a liegeless
sweet fa
Question Author
many thanks to you both
13a Sweet FA (love, as nothing)
7d Modist - D(ior) (top, in) 'moist' (tearful)
30a Liegeless - (Martin)i & (win)e (last of, in) 'legless'
Question Author
many thanks to you bothand Lie-in-King

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