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No success with the first two - perhaps somebody can help me with an even more incomprehensible pair ie 3D (8 & 3) West Malaysia's currency subsuming Zambia's (both dropping 4th or 5th) with excess liquidity - ?????ing ??? and
24A Frenchman avoiding New Scotland Yard - none of the answers I have managed to get offer any help
19:08 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
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Wringing Wet
ngwe(e) (Zambian currency) in W(est) Ring(g)it (Malaysian Currency)
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3d appears to be 'Watering can' struggling to fully parse it though.
Wringing Wet
ngwe(e) (Zambian currency) in W(est) Ring(g)it (Malaysian Currency)
24a ree (Scottish word for 'yard') = Re(n)e - Frenchman without 'n' (new)

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