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I've finsihed it, almost, and am mighty chuffed with myself, but the last one is starting to bug me.

Unfortunately there is no clue for this as it is one of the three picture clues, but it is a female singer/musician, and the letters I have are B?S?A. ?She looks like Anita Dobson's lovechild but I can't quite place her.
17:50 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
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basia ? try goggling see if the image fits good luck
Question Author
imacqg - 'tis her indeed, many thanks. I would have been playing around with that one this time next year if it wasn't for your help. My neighbours can blame you if I win the amp.
good luck glad to be of assistance
Question Author
I thought my music knowledge was quite good, but that one had me stumped. I've honestly never heard of her, even after reading her wiki entry.
neither had i little secret i have a dictionary installed on my computer which i run at the same time so i can type in entries if i dont know them
when i did this for you it gave me basha so i goggled female singer then started to type bas i list appeared with possible options one of which was
basia looked at the pic and there you have it
Question Author
So my description of Anita Dobson's love child was accurate enough for you then.........?
yes useful hint but as you had the picture its easier for you to let me know
if i was right or wrong than for me to say its so and so like you im none the wiser as to her music but i have learnt something done some sound research
made a new friend and thoroughly enjoyed myself and my typing skills are getting better
She was in this group, I recall
thanks factor30 how do you do that ie insert video footage onto youre thread
Question Author
imagcq - again, many thanks for your help, it was greatly appreciated. If I can help you in any way pelase let me know. I'm afraid my tastes in music tend to centre round rock/heavy rock/classic rock/prog rock. Sad, but true.

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