The Week 792

18A: Crazy fellows losing their heads in eastern port. (4) _ D _ N. [Is it EDEN or ADEN or ...? Explanation appreciated.] Clue of the week: He could sing and break a glass. I croon and saucer cracks! (6, 6) [Originally in the D Tel Toughie]
14:04 Sun 25th Mar 2012
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aden M ad M en
Aden ( mad men minus M in each case )
(m)ad (m)en = Aden
Enrico Caruso ( anagram of I croon saucer )
18a aden (den = drugs site = crazy fellows) aden (= Major Port in Yemen)
Enrico Caruso (anagram of i croon saucer)
Question Author
Fantastic - many thanks to all of you.

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