RT 12

Just a few left this morning ....
17d cite article two out loud (6) a?????
13d lack of fairness when surrounded by only stiff formality (9)
19a Robinson's servant (8) ?????i??
21a hurry with spades, also on dodgy ground (9) ?????s???

Many thanks, Chox.
06:12 Tue 13th Mar 2012
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17d. adduce
21a. quicksand
21 quicksand
13d Injustice ? if the R incorrect ?
Question Author
you're right emeritus - it's "errata", not "errors". Cheers.
Question Author
3d very simple, like closing your eyes (2,4,2,7). Do you think it's "as easy as winking"?

Thanks, Chox./
Question Author
thanks for all the help folks, just stuck on 2 now
19a robinson's servant (8) ???d?i?k
18d entrancing god from Japan, a star turn (5) ???u?

thanks, Chox.
19a) baldrick - played by Tony Robinson in Blackadder
18d) Janus = Ja. + 'sun' reversed
Question Author
of course! Doh! Thanks so much to all for their help this morning, much appreciated. Hope you all have a good day. Chox.
should be japan = J, a = A, star turn = 'sun' reversed = NUS

and Janus is the god of entrances
17d - adduce?
19a - Robinson's servant - baldrick?
21a - quicksand?

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