RTE Guide No 11

Need help with the following clues please.
18A: Not a second to late where bad people are concerned ?N/ ?H?/ ??C?/ ?O/ ??M? (2-3-4-2-4)
25A: Eyed in a RTE exposure ?E?I?? (6)
17D:I danced it desperately as shown ???I???E? (9)
Thanks in advance.
10:47 Thu 08th Mar 2012
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18a. In the nick of time.
18a. In the nick of time
25a Retina
17d indicated (anagram)
17d Indicated
17d. Indicated.
Question Author
Thank you, Sipowicz, dannyk13 and bulliver.
18A In the nick of time
25A Retina
17D Indicated

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