Daily Mail Tuesday - 1 down

Many thanks to Dinky puzzled and bibblebub for clue explanation. Am new to this site and do not know any other way to express thanks. Is there another way?
20:34 Tue 06th Mar 2012
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Just post any thanks (or amendments/additions to questions) as a reply to your original question.

p.s. you're welcome
Yes just go back into your original thread, type what you want to say in the answer box and submit.
Jaycee, it is always nice to see thanks expressed, even if not aimed at you. However, the usual process it to post an answer to your own question, so that the people who have answered will have it showing in their thread. Welcome to AB. I hope it gives you as much help and advice as it has me over the years. And don't forget to give your two pennorth as well.....
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Hope I'm doing this right. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me tonight.
perfect : )

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