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A little help please -
11a Suppliers of one having to stop notable dental decay?(10)????c????s
4d Ancient city cherished by Arab from the south (5) ?a?r?
25a Put another way, certain echo? (8) ?t??an??
07:22 Tue 21st Feb 2012
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25a iterance
4d) petra
could be infections
Question Author
Thanks all.
It can't be infections if Petra is right. Does that make 1a Stories that after penny drops, are...stories (8) p?r??i?s - porkpies and why?
yes, remove a P from PORKPIES to get PORKIES
porkpies - lies
pork(p)ies - stories
11a) Poticaries
Question Author
If anticaries is right, 3d (River expansion is what follows a course) is not broad?
I still haven't got 21d A first-class blue cloth (6) a?e?se and 23d Veteran twisted in fair entgertainment on the radio (5) ?ried and15a Lead covering in instrument (5) ??tar
15a) sitar
23d) wried
23d) wried
21d) aperse
poticaries, as given by Voulez-vous, is correct
Question Author
Thanks everybody

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