Completely thick today - maybe 'cos it's half term! stuck on right hand corner

7 down (9) big swimmer's hissing noise going over rocky ford ????????H
8down (8) no letters do people in TUC back paper?
5 across (6) drove off south-east in African country ?H????
10 across(6) brave choir trained to tackle opening of 'Elijah' ?E????

thanks for any help
13:09 Wed 15th Feb 2012
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10 heroic
5 chased
5a Cha-se-d
7d swordfish 8d document
7 sw ordf ish
Question Author
thankyou all
10A - HEROIC - Anagram of CHOIR + E from Elijah.
10A = HEROIC - Anagram of CHOIR + E from Elijah

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