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1D Not needing to offer a penny, however, doing business around east (7-7) I have thought-???d?n?
Also 17A Appeal endlessly in tests, creating precedents (8) ??a?p?e? (Examples ????) The 1st letter of 17A is the 2nd ? in 1D second part.

I think my brain's fried after looking at this for the last couple of hours - It's probably very easy but I just can't see it and it's close to bed-time!

Thanks for any help.
22:08 Sun 12th Feb 2012
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1d) thought reading = though trEading

17a) yes, appeal endlessly = PLE(a) in tests => EXAMS = EXAM ple S
thought reading

Though Tr e ading
Question Author
Thanks to you both - bibblebub & kayakamina - at last I can now enter the crossword into the net and go to sleep a happy person.

Thanks again

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