Daily Record £500 Xword

3 to go
18a Drinking cups(4) N??S
87d Supernatural event(7) ?I?U??E thought it was miracle but U is for 102a
95d Cheeky woman!(5) BE??M
10:48 Sat 17th Dec 2011
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95d Besom?
95d besom
Are you sure of the N 18a could be Mugs
If you have the wrong letter for 18a it could be mugs.
What's the clue for 102a - perhaps you have that wrong.
What's the clue for 102a?
Question Author
N is for 9d Obstructed (8) iv put HI(N)DERED
Hello JimJools.
Question Author
102a Deceived(5) iv got duped
-- answer removed --
hampered ?
Hello Starbuck one. :-))
Question Author
Thanks guys 1 to go 87d clue as written at top
Question Author
102a could be FAKED then that would make 87d MIRACLE
Miracle looks ok for 87d - What letters would that leave you for 18a?
Question Author
JimJools you were right with mugs,2shortplanks right with hampered.
Thanks every1 for help brain goes so far then stops, thats it done for another week :-)

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