41a sun ex prize

41a cancer spread to another site in body via blood or lymph vessels
11 letters
09:47 Mon 28th Nov 2011
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It is better to print the clue exactly as it appears
The actual clue was- 41a (Especially of cancer cells ) to spread to a new site in the body via blood or lymph vessels
So we are looking for a verb not a type of cancer
harvey may not be able to thank you though ronayne- he/she hasn't acknowledged answers to any of his/her last 30 questions - but I assume that's because he/she has an old browser that doesn't allow posters to post on their own threads
thank you factor30! you have a very diplomatic and generous nature!
Thanks ronayne.
harvey- you might want to upgrade your browser to a version which would enable you to participate in your own threads as some might be mistakenly under the impression that you are ungrateful for all the help you receive
Get over yourself, Factor30.

If you can't be helpful to a person then at least don't post smart alec comments.

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