Wiltshire Times Friday May 20, 2011

I am so stuck of the top LH corner!

1d. Express strong disapproval of (7) ??????E
2d. Made ineffectual (7) ??????D
7a. Tap on barrel (6) ?????T
9a. Vessel (4) ????

Thanks for any help whatsoever!!
18:20 Mon 23rd May 2011
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7 spigot
9 ship ?
2 Negated?
Question Author
If I put in 'negated' 'spigot' fits in but 'ship' doesn't!
what letters in vessel if it is negated?
2d negated
Question Author
it's ???T
1d Censure?
Question Author
Thanks everyone! I might need to give my eyeballs a rest before I look at this again!

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