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This small piece of kit is designed to make building your Quiz, Crossword or Puzzle question more effective. It should make finding your question easier for others and, the easier it is to find, the more likely someone is to answer it!

To build an easy to find question title simply select the paper and quiz, enter the quiz number if relevant and fill in the Publication Date. Once you’re happy click “Build Title” and the information should populate the Title field. Fill in the final required details of your question as you normally would, and click submit.

As this is a Beta we only have a limited number of papers and quizzes listed. If you think your favourite Quiz, Crossword or Puzzle should be listed here don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember: You do not have to use the title builder - simply enter the title and question as you normally would and click submit!

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last one; clemency; ?DE?A?; many thanks
put extra, on the contemporary weight. [10 let] last entry had wrong number of letters...
7 down Brobdingnagian "nurse" of Gulliver in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's travels, "not ove forty feet high" (13) g?u?d?l??i?ch...
B U BUY( and bye- bye as another goes by the way)(6,4)?o?n??,?h?? 5d such an excursion warrants single log print-out(1,4,4)a,??n?,???? 2d a word of warning from leonard cohen then, after going...
Hi found another 2. 7D word-finding books. ?H?????I and 13A Unfolds, becomes communicative O?R?S???. Thanks in advance.
legal term meaning in agreement or conformity
24 down Quickly finish off joint chaplaincy (5) S?ARF I think that this is SNARF, but I can't parse it. Can anyone help, please?
8a Report back about current in Amazon,say (1,6) e mailer, if so please parse for me, being thick this morning! thanks
3d....Effeminate fellows accepting help, as it were ??????L?K?....something like ?...
last one 5d Someone who joins row (4) tier? if so why please? thanks
33A Square region of a baseball field bounded by the home plate and the three bases ( 7) I have infield but this oes not work with.... 31D Monetary unit of Papua New Guinea equal to one hundredth of a...
6 down ----from above; prop and round in Shooting Stars (4) ?O?E
12d ease ??c?l?t? 12a pipe ??e?...
Hi , can anyone help with a word or theme which links LEONTYNE PRICE , MERYL STREEP AND FLANNERY OCONNOR ? It has been puzzling me all weekend ! Thanks !...
25a. Strike perhaps? One was ratified in 1801. ??? ?? U???? As always thanks in advance
2d o?t?l?f? show more confidence when unacceptable expert has left 21d ?m?i?g almost trespass while repairing feathers...
PITCHERWITS 1A View sampler 7,4 O???I??,???L...
19a Neat drink? lo-er Lover? If so why? 2d Left-wing movement (4) t---23d lets out American imprisoned in brawl (6) t--s-e
Not sure of answer to 3d-knight invading being put in grave captivity (10). Is this interrment or internment? How does word knight affect answer? Any help appreciated.
2 down , chilly ?i?t?y

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