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Dear All, Here is the August edition of Quizzes and Puzzles round up. If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread and we will include it in later editions. Please remember it is...
Open marriage making one the object of ridicule (8) U _ _ _ T _ _ _ Thanks for help!...
Please help with 2 clues. 4 across.Clue is: Pedestrian crossing old lady finds dreadful.I have ?L???A?? 2 down.Clue is:Trio adding to poet's hair damage, as you'd expect.Answer is 4 words of 4,4,3,4...
9 letter anagram e i o u u r s t q Many Thanks in advance...
3a cool number new song about the french female(10) 1d disdain shown by prisoner over bait (8) 12d a small gesture by topless people in clandestine meeting(11) 15d much associated with this...
Well and truly stuck today! Dickens accepted one OT character, (4), b?a? Thanks a lot organising long discussions, (10), t???a?H??? More irritable but do not start to irritate intensely, (7), r???i?r...
Please help with 1 across.Clue is: Baked dish having smooth skin with patches. I have ??????D. Many thanks....
42d. Like some horses the solver petted eye-?e?ked
9 letters - shoppers - c?n?e?e?s and 7letters - pain in the head - e?????e could be wrong with some of the letters
5 and 6 letters to make up name of actor:- oeacespngov i think these letters are all correct thank you very much.
Can anyone help me find the word i n todays DT to get 45 points.
98a Shoppers (9) C?N?E?E?S thanks
Several abers have printed their answers on FAO KM players...instead of The KM links game July week 2. I can't do links so I can't redirect them. Don't want people to lose their go.
All answers are song written or recorded by the Beatles. We'll still be driving round and round (4,2,5-4) if my little car keeps going. There was an ominous rattling sound coming from under the...
On Last night of the Proms what colour flower do the orchestra wear?
19ac. Relating to an ancient Middle Eastern language. ?e??ic. 20d. Take advantage of something right away. ( 5,2) ??i?e ?n.may thanks in advance.
does any one know the sudoku answer please thanks
23 across ?h?o?o?? discard 5,3 thanks...
help required please for pictures 3(6,6,1,1) 5 (4,5) 7 (7,5) and 9 (4,7)
Does anyone know what's happened to Brian Talbot's Daily Express crossword site? I always found it very useful to check my answers or to fill in any missing gaps but today it doesn't seem to be...
Animal Maul Dad - Anagram of famous living person

601 to 620 of 980

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