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Dear All, Here is the March edition of Quizzes and Puzzles round up. If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread and we will include it in later editions. Please remember it is...
Icy movie series, with only an A as a vowel began in 1977 with Episode IV and has returned to the screen with episode VII set 30 years later (4,4)
All the answers are various types of shoes/footwear. 1)Morse's beat leads to sulphur (7) 24)Leap,flat fish! (9) 25) Notebook & uranium leads to small Ford (6) 27) Mixed rodents in exclamation of pain,...
Spanish dish of seafood (8)
25a full energy after agent gets permit 7. Have pencilled in REPLETE. Am I right? 22d pins fixed a new harness ?N?P?N. I'm presuming anagram of pins somewhere?!...
24)Confused as diner was, losing direction (7) 27)Initially in right area (6)...
Stuck on this last question. Answer refers to creature. 27: The original film star pit bull terrier with a black ring around his left eye (3,3,6,3) Any help appreciated.
1. T.R.O.P.C 3. A.S.M.M 7. F.T.A.M.M MANY THANKS
High - pot. thanks for any help
Something from the watercolourist?...
23a girl accompanying santa to California (5) ???I?a thanking you for your help
3d houseman english twice confined suspected terrorist 8letters coldsore...
Thanks Dannyk13 and Mallyh but I still need 4A Girls fragrant flower and 5D a golfer's lofted club. Niblick doesn't fit. Thanks for your help.
Having difficulty here. I have Jasmine for 4A but doesn't fit in with 5D Nine iron. HELP PLEASE. Thank you.
can anybody help with 17 down go awry 4 and 4 also 18 down shortly before 7 letters thanks
Any help please with 26d. organic compound structurally similar to another but with a different elemental composition. a//l/g/e. Thank you so much last one.
Can anyone help with my last one please? Answers all to do with football Dark sticky substance (Starts with P, Q or R) Thanks in advance of any help...
Hi all. 4A Girls fragrant flower ??N?I?E 4D Girl to become weary ??D?. Thanks in advance
16a) formal legislative assembly in certain countries, such as japan. (4) d??? 6d) "??????? they mean when they cry liberty" (john milton sonnet 12 "I did but prompt the age") (7) l?c?n?? Many thanks...
Good morning, help please 13a Picture of X1 X2 X3 with an arrow pointing to first X It is 3 words 3,4,4 All I have is T?? / ?N??/ ???R...
Does anyone have the answer to That's Life Issue 6 (12 Feb 15) All fours. Totally messed it up.

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