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Dear All, Here is the September edition of Quizzes and Puzzles round up. If you have a new charity quiz feel free to add it to the thread and we will include it in later editions. Please remember it...
20a 8letters building material no letters thanx
23a 7 letters a-n-r-- frankness thanx
3d 4 and4 repaired m-d- ----
6d 7letters a-i-a-e stir things up thanx
7d 11 letters -e-----f--t step down thanx
Desperate now for last 2. Having spent hours looking at logos, i still need number 9 a deer running to the right. On identify the person I'm not sure of number 67 Any help would be much appreciated....
Last few answers on various quiz sheets! Colours: 1 McVities decor perhaps (7) 2 Panda Cordon Bleu (6) Male Singer: TURN SMOG SAILOR (anag.) (5,9) Musical or Show: Rather mad creepy crawly (number of...
Insulate a huge city 5 letters _a_c_
12. The dark times of the holiday season (6, 6) 24. One more gap, one more cry of pain (7,7,7,) 25. Mean hit out east is not in love (14,3) 45. First class magaze gets point to sense (1,6,5...
11a 7letters assignment m-s---n thanx
13a easily agitated runs mad after book's lost R-I-E 4d fatuous joke beginnig to amuse -a-a 14d tabloid frames second Royal heading for girls,showing clear evidence [7,3]s-o-i-g -u- 20d organised...
2 d 4letters l-p- town in south west spain pop 25000 close to portuguese border thanx
15) King of the river (6)
2d 4letters town in south west spain pop25000 close to portuguese border thanx
I have messed up puzzle 7, all fours, can somebody help me with the solution please.
26d 4letters a thin muslin like fabric -e-o thanx...
2) goad (4) ???r
18d 9 letters i-h-e---n any animal of the mongoose genus of the civet family thanx
2d 4letters l-p- town in south west spain pop 25000 close to portuguese border thanx
Some more answers with rationale will be appreciated, thank you: ACROSS: 12 Pioneers westward around hot valleys( 7 ): ???A??? 27 Shade behind great compound(7 ): A?????? 36 Goddess reversed plan...

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