little audrey laughed and laughed

where does tis saying come from as my name uis audrey and people often say it to me
15:29 Mon 21st Feb 2005
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There was an 1982 film The All Laughed starring Audrey Hepburn and Ben Gazzara!

Little Audrey laughed and laughed all the way down because they had been told to pull the cord after they'd counted to ten, and little audrey's brother could only count up to five!

Well that's the way I heard it, some time before 1982. 1958 in fact.

Little Audrey jokes emerged in the 1930�s (according to my google research)
Basic format: Little Audrey is involved in some terrible catastrophe but always finds some humor in every situation. For example:

Little Audrey got lost on a desert island. Along came a bunch of cannibals and kidnapped her. They tied her to a tree and started their pot to boiling. Little Audrey knew they were going to make stew of her; so she looked around at those lean, hungry cannibals and counted them. There were nineteen. Little Audrey just laughed and laughed, �cause she knew she was not big enough to make enough stew to go around.

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