Red Phrases

what are phases the have the word red it it?
21:14 Thu 23rd Sep 2004
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Like a red rag to a bull.
Red sky at night; shepherds' delight, red sky in the morning; shepherds' warning. (Red meat and potato, shepherd's pie).
See red, red letter day, red herring.
As red as a beetroot.
Red light spells danger.
red as a skelped arse. red and green should not be seen without a colour in between.
Red sails in the sunset.
Red,red wine
In the red; see reds inder the bed; better dead than red (a Cold War slogan); Red Cross; hot poker; redbrick university; red cabbage; Red Sea scrolls; paint the town red; red tape; red indian
Little red book; red light district; red leather, yellow leather; little red school house�this is like having a tune stuck in your head ..99 Red Ballons.. .it's like a disease�Masque of the Red Death�I think I'd better go and sleep it off.
red-headed stepchild
Nature red in tooth and claw.
Err I think its Dead sea scrolls rather than Red sea. How about Red lorry yellow lorry?
Roses are Red Violet are blue
Reds under the Beds
Paint the town red.
Look upon the wine when it is red (= consume a bit too much of it).
Yes indeed, Mr.Ix. Sea scrolls are better Dead than Red.

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