Jack phrases

I need phrases that include the name jack. An example is: jackin around
01:33 Wed 27th Aug 2008
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jack the lad

im alright jack
Found these on line....jackpot -- jack of all trades -- jack knife -- jack rabbit -- jack-off -- jack-a-roo -- jack in the box -- jack-o-lantern -- phone jack -- jack your body -- cracker jack -- union jack -- car jacked -- new jack city -- new jack swing -- jack the ripper -- jumbo jack -- jack hammer -- blackjack -- flap jack -- jack and the bean stalk -- jack and jill -- billy jack -- lumber jack -- jumpin jack flash -- jacked up -- jack of hearts -- one eyed jacks -- kangaroo jack -- hit the road jack -- jack be nimble, jack be quick -- jacko -- apple jack -- jack cheese -- hi-jack -- jack and diane --wolfman jack -- jack and coke -- jackalope -- jacket -- jackal

Also see http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20 061002012934AA9BrWw
on your jack (jones) = on your own
jack tar - sailor
Jack off?
Jack sh1t
Jacks just jacked his job in as a steeplejack hes going working on his jack With Jack. Sorry about missing apostrophe cant find it,in hurry,willbuck up next time.

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