Porridge or porage.

I bought some porridge oats today so that the little Thomases can go to school with something warm inside them. On the box it says, 'Scott's Porage Oats'. I've never seen the word 'porage' before. Is it an alternative spelling that I'm unaware of or do Scott's have an illiterate graphic designer.
20:32 Wed 05th Dec 2007
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Our friends at Wikipedia say: "...In many cultures, porridge is eaten as a breakfast dish, often with the addition of salt, sugar, milk or cream. As the traditional breakfast of Scotland (where it is also spelled porage) it is made with salt...."
Yogurt or yoghurt?
I guess they spell it in the Scottish accent. ;-)
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That's that sorted then.
In the Scottish accent, Figure, the word is sounded as 'parritch'. As for the other spellings, they are all just variants of the base-word 'pottage'...basically, a thick soup/stew.
Here is someone doing porridge.

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