You Know What Thought Did??....

Hiya - Does anyone have any idea what this means or the meaning of it?? Both mine and my partners mum's have always said it and when we've questioned them about the saying - they've admitted they don't actually know what it means... Any ideas??
23:14 Thu 19th Jul 2007
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You know what Thought thought ? Thought he was following a wedding and ended up in a muck wagon

and to be said when
you've gone out without an umbrella, and it starts to rain and you say I thought it wouldnt rain in that whiny tone adolescents take on.

and Dad says you know what thought thought.....
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and of course other many many situations

you whine, I thought it wouldnt do that ....

and Moomeh [for it is she] says ya kno wha' thought thought

and bats you around the ears

and you have to do tobed wi' aught (wi'out bread and dripping)

and you get the idea

ee its hard oop North!
He thought he had a Motor Car but he only had the Horn.
Im with Peter P on this, tho we used to say :Followed a muck cart and thought it was a wedding.

Basically its not good "thinking" you know something - its best to find out and not assume
You know what thought did? Thought, thought he had sh!t himself then thought he hadn't and found he had!!!
we just know what thought did....thought he had when he hadnt!
You know what thought did,
Peed in bed and thought he was sweating.
similar to ratter15, we say thought he farted then realised he sh*t himself!
Quite funny really
Question Author
omg how kool and funny some of you are! thanx guy's-i'm now quite enlightened!! cheers!!
thought he'd put the light out so lit a candle to see
Did anyone answer Annalou's question? My parents would have used the term if we offered ,as an excuse for doing something wrong, the fact that we 'thought............'. Our parents would then have illustrated how silly it can be to rely on 'thought' by such as 'Do you know what thought did?
Stuck a feather in the ground and thought it would grow into a hen.'
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My mum always used to say you know what thought did, thought hed fallen out of bed so he got out to have a look
Well, not just up North, but down here in London my mum and her mum (cockneys from the East end) used to say 'you know what Thought did, don't you? Thought thought he'd left his bottom hanging out of bed, so he got out and tucked it back in again.'
thought his ass was hanging out of the bed, so he got out to push it in!

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