what does it mean?

when dick docks?
19:58 Fri 23rd Mar 2007
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Never heard of it, but my immediate thought was a sexual euphanism.
Never heard of it either!!
I've only ever heard it said in Liverpool. And its a common phrase here. I don't know its origins but it basically means I don't know. Its usually in response to someone asking for a timescale on something, in which the response would be When Dick Docks - meaning I don't know. If the answerer things the timescale may be a long time there is usually the addidion of "and he hasn't got a boat yet"

Hope this helps
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im in lpool too maybe thats why i heard it ty anyway
In my seafaring Lpool family "when Dick docks" means "don't hold your breath" or, NEVER! Its origin easily pre-dates that Dick Lewis rubbish.

In the 1890s a new (or fitted out) ship (see Lloyd's Register) by the name 'Richard Donnelly' (a well-known local) put to sea and sank before it got out of the Mersey. Ever since, the phrase has been a derisive dockland slur at a lack of competence
by either shipbuilders or sailors and was still common parlance when I was a lad in WW2 Everton.

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