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What's red and sits in the corner?

A naughty strawberry!

Please explain!...
00:58 Sat 06th Jan 2007
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What's to explain? The strawberry is red, has been naughty, and has been told to sit in the corner. Makes sense to me.
Question Author
I thought that, but it seemed too simple?

Thank you

For some reason that is the only joke I can ever remember.
I felt quite excited seeing it in print. How scary is that!
Question Author
Lol glad to make you happy :) I still don't see why it's sooooo funny? Isit just like the why did the chicken cross the road one... i.e sooo UNfunny that it actually becomes funny?
What's green and hairy and goes up an down in a lift?
A gooseberry
Bricro1's joke should be "What's green and hairy and goes up and down?" Answer: a gooseberry in a lift.
But what's green and sits in the corner? - The Incredible Sulk!
Two bags of sick walking down the road.... suddenly one bag starts crying "whats the matter with you" the other bag says.. The first bag replies "I was brought up round here".........Now to me that is quite funny. Personally i dont see why silly joke have to be explained ?? Just laugh!!

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