32 volumes of Encyclopedia Brittanica for sale?

Surplus to requirements due to my son reaching 15 years of age!!

Ok, its an old one but I like it :)
11:32 Sat 10th Mar 2012
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The version I heard was:

"Recently married and wife knows everything."
Question Author
Im sure there are a few different versions! there usually is!
One I liked ..When I was 15 my father knew nothing by the time I reached 21 I was surprised how much he had learnt.
Wasn't that a Churchill bon mot Weecalf? If it's not, I've been wrongly attributing it for years!
Question Author
Zebo, I think you will find it was a quote from the great Mark Twain.
Took a bit of liberty with quote but it was Mark Twain (He was 14 by the way)
Churchill pinched a lot of wise sayings and lots of wise sayings are attributed to him wrongly.

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