Sex at 79

I just took a leaflet out of my mailbox, informing me that I can have sex at 79.

I'm so happy, because I live at number 71.
So it's not too far to walk home afterwards.
And it’s the same side of the street so
I don’t have to cross the road!
23:34 Wed 07th Mar 2012
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Very Good
have you seen who lives at 79 ? : )
'Scuse me!!! - I live at 79.........

Question Author
Oh blimey, I'd better forget about it then Jem. Don't think I want to be a lesbian.
Do you live in Lesbania then starbi?

I don't really live at 79, I live at 69 its more interesting. (GG)

Brilliant starbuckone, If I live to be 79, if nobody's about maybe I'll have invested in a vibrator. I hope sio!
I think Nora Batty lives at 79.
Old George is 85 he always wears a condom when they have sex.... his wife told me. I said to her, 'what does he need to wear a condom for at his age?' She said, 'Because he likes the smell of burning rubber.'

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