talking peanuts

A mate of mine has been a"bit out of sorts",recently.

Told me he was in a Pub the other night,and the Peanuts,on the Bar started talking to him!..I said,"Oh right,what did they say"? He said,"The peanuts said not to worry,that I was a very handsome man and extremely talented,and I would meet a beautiful woman soon,and also be promoted at work"
Then he said a little later,he got of his barstool to visit the Mens room,and as he passed by,the cigarette machine said"Psst!You"re crazy if you listen to those peanuts..and"re ugly and untidy.You"re a loser"
A bit worried,I later rang the Pub..the Barmaid laughed!"Oh",she said,the Peanuts are complimentary,and the Ciggie machine was out of order!
15:31 Wed 07th Mar 2012
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Like it - rosy
greatn one Zhukov :>)
Haha I like it :)
I have heard it before, still funny though

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