Davy Jones

My wife just told me that Davey Jones had died at first I didn't believe her but then I saw her face now I'm a beareaver.
15:49 Thu 01st Mar 2012
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Naughty boy !
oh dear...
He was on tele the other night in a prog about boy bands looking ok. The other Monkees shown had not aged as well as Davey
Can I have his locker.....?
He was blessed with a boyish face.
Masterful punning.

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RIP Davy Jones from the Monkeys, loved him in his day, he was only 65!
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Used to know him when he worked in Newmarket, nic lad. http://www.newmarketjournal.co.uk/news/latest-news/monkees_lead_singer_and_former_newmarket_apprentice_jockey_davy_jones_dead_at_66_1_3575500...

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