When it comes to sex

Accountants do it with Double Entry

Acupuncturists do it with a small prick

Ambulance drivers come quicker

Australians do it Down Under

Bankers do it with interest

Bartenders do it on the Rocks

Chess players check their Mates

Cops do it with cuffs

DJs do it on request

Deep-sea divers do it under extreme pressure

Dentist do it orally

Detectives do it under cover

Don't do it with Bankers, most of them are Tellers

Engineers do it to specification

Firemen do it with a big hose

Frank Sinatra does it his way

Garbage men come twice a week

Gardeners do it in the bushes

Gas attendants Pump all day

Jockeys gallop hard and finish fast

Landlords do it every 1st of the month

Mountain Climbers like to be on top

Pianists touch, tickle, and titilate!

Pizza delivery men come in 30 minutes or it's free

Truckers do it in the road

Travel Agents do it in lots of different places

Waiters and waitresses do it for tips

Watch out for tennis players - love means nothing to them !

Zoologists do it with animals
23:03 Sat 25th Feb 2012
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<<Garbage men come twice a week>>

Every two weeks if you are lucky. And not if it snows.
Archaeologists do it in the dirt.
Steeplechasers dive in at the water-jump........
Scree-runners make the earth move....
Pensioners do it with their crutches....

Delivery men do it at the back entrance.

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