Feed The Ducks

Duck goes into pub and says "Any bread?"
Barman says "This is a pub, we don't sell bread."
Duck comes back an hour later and says "Any bread?"
Barman says "I told you before, we don't sell bread."
Duck comes back an hour later and says "Any bread?"
Barman says "If you come back in here I'll nail your feet to the bar."
Duck comes back an hour later and says "Any nails?"
Barman says "No"
Duck says "Any chance of some bread then?"
01:12 Thu 09th Feb 2012
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The other day, I watched an old man in the park feeding the birds.

I thought to myself, "how long has he been dead?"
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Took me a minute Toby570 (I'm an old man) LOL
Well... that puts a whole different spin on the term "the worm has turned"
Now thats my sort of joke Toby
*Chortlesplutters* :D
Love it!

(I don't get Toby's joke, though...)
What sort of an ale house did the duck go into?
Boxy, to put it gently, a deceased person becomes wormfood and so on and so forth.
Its an old joke Dicky the duck anted Whitbreads- good tho'

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