Cherie Blair selling husband's signature on EBay

What's that all about then. Why on earth would she do that?
23:32 Thu 28th Oct 2010
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because she is a money grabbing ''woman'' who has no morals and the more money people like her have the more money they want...
Because eBayers were selling forgeries of his signature for £35+.
She advertised at £10 and refunded the money.
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£10 though stoke?
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hc - she advertised it for £25. But anyway - still bordering on insanity some might say. Hasn't she got better things to be doing?
How long does it take to list an item for sale? I'd be pee'd off at people profiteering from me and mine without my permission too.
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Why didn't she put it on for a penny? and what about the people profiteering from fake signatures of her husband tonight - will she be undercutting them as well? - how long will her campaign to undermine the market continue?
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why would anybody want it?
I'd pay a lot more than £10 to get Blair's signature on a full confession regarding his mistakes over Iraq.

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