Election Poll: Which way will you swing, and will it be hung?

With the last leader's debate over and done with, and the election less than a week away, we would like to check, probably for the last time, what your voting intentions are.

We would also like to hear your opinions on the prospect of a hung parliament. 


This poll is closed.

If The Election Were Held Today, Which Party Would You Cast Your Vote For?

A. Conservatives
40.32% (25 votes)
B. Labour
22.58% (14 votes)
C. Liberal Democrats
16.13% (10 votes)
11.29% (7 votes)
6.45% (4 votes)
1.61% (1 vote)
G. Green
1.61% (1 vote)
H. Plaid Cymru
0.00% (0 vote)
I. Monster Raving Loony Party
0.00% (0 vote)
J. Respect
0.00% (0 vote)

Which Coalition Is Likely To Be In Power Should There Be A Hung Parliament?

A. Lib-Lab Coalition
35.00% (21 votes)
B. Lib-Con Coalition
28.33% (17 votes)
C. There won't be a Coalition
16.67% (10 votes)
D. Con-Lab Coalition
10.00% (6 votes)
E. Con-Other Coalition
5.00% (3 votes)
F. Lab-Other Coalition (Green, UKIP, BNP, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Respect and the Irish Parties)
3.33% (2 votes)
G. Lib-Other Coalition
1.67% (1 vote)

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Coldicote, it was Thatcher who unleashed the bankers, not Brown. Remember when building societies were little mutuals rather than megahoovers that need state support? She changed that. Not because it was a 'mess' she inherited from Labour, but because she wanted to.
labour has ruines the country two wars mas immigration human rights aka criminals charter to name a few, i dont think any of the parties are fit to govern but that my two cents

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