Who will "Win" This Evening's Leader's Debate?

It is time to test the predictive powers of The AnswerBank News group. Who do you think will win this debate? The Debate kicks off on BBC1 at 8.30pm - but who looks likely to do the best? [Poll finished before the debate begins]


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Who will "Win" Tonight's Leader's Debate?

A. David Cameron
50.00% (9 votes)
B. Gordon Brown
27.78% (5 votes)
C. Nick Clegg
22.22% (4 votes)

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13:17 Thu 29th Apr 2010
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I stuck some long-term polls in there, to fill it up a bit. I may stick some more in if anyone thinks it is worthwhile?
David Cameron is taking up left hand podium.

Clegg was there when he won Debate 1 and Cameron was there when he won last week so looking 'bright', 'energetic', 'attractive', 'reasonable', whatever you call it, may have become anchored to that left side position.

Brown has stuck with right hand podium due to his blind eye and that has consistently been anchored to third place.

So my money is on Cameron having an advantage tonight.

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