Bigots On Th E March In The State Of Virginia

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mikey4444 | 17:08 Sat 12th Aug 2017 | News
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Charlottesville: State of emergency over US far-right rally.

"The mayor condemned the march as a "parade of hatred".


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There really is no point descending into "whataboutery", it's shallow and just makes false equivalencies. A young woman has now been killed, ostensibly over a statue. This question should have been put to bed when the council voted. It's their jurisdiction and their responsibility. A bluddy statue is not worth killing over. Also I just don't buy the idea...
09:52 Mon 14th Aug 2017
A person is dead and people at focussing on blasted statues.


Just...frickin' awesome.
Not forgetting the Washington Monument. That'll have to go.

(I wonder if the questioner or any of his Antifa mates knows why?)
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Virginia governor says real "patriots" are Washington and Jefferson.

Peter Pedant, give these guys a lesson in history. What did they learn at school?
You've got to be able to hold two (that's two) ideas in your head at the same time. And to understand historical (rather than hysterical )context.
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vetuste.....I can't work out if you are with the Far Right or against them ?
If you had a coherent view about what "far right" means I would readily answer it. Are there moral principles involved? Is VE *** he disagrees with Mikey? Or are there objective rather than subjective standards?
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Vetuste....I thought as much !

I always know when I have won an argument, when someone starts being personally abusive, without provocation.
Trump is under fire for not condemning the white supremacist protesters in sufficiently strong terms!
He seems not to want to cause too much resentment in one of his core supporter groups!
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I omitted to say Mikey's preferred weapon of choice...
Ah, by the way, have you worked out the Washington and Jefferson bits yet, Mikey?

There's Google or Buenchico to help you out uf you haven't.
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Keep digging Vetuste !
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Eddie...listen to this racist ( Richard Spencer) and Trump supporter.

" Trumps arrow is pointing in his direction "

We've got Mikey and Eddie. One more to go to get the full set (in order to pass the eye around):
Thinking about it, it's a very good socialist principle - the Graeae I mean. Certainly something Chavas (RIP) and his supporters (Corbyn, Livingstone etc) would support.
MikeyEddie, well, it’s clearly Trump’s fault again, but you’re both consistently missing something very important. A sub-heading from an article in Friday’s London Evening Standard reads “The rise of liberal intolerance that seeks to ban certain ideas does not make them go away”.

Try reading it and think about ‘Liberal intolerance’. It’s what you two and everyone else who condemns as bigoted that with which they disagree suffer from. I do hope you get the gist.
The killed individual was added after this thread started sp, but the removal of statues is still a valid debating point.
Would anyone object to the Bronze Statue {minus Handbag} standing in The Houses of Parliament being removed? , Wonder what would happen if planning permission was granted to erect the another one ,
in Parliament Square of the same person???? .

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Bigots On Th E March In The State Of Virginia

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