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That is sad news, may he rest in peace.
Ah, what a shame, RIP Frank.
Used to really enjoy Frank Carson when I was a kid. Anyone else remember the letter to his mother routine he used to do. He was daft, and as a small by that was endearing.
Sad. :(
I remember in the late 1970s my father taking me to watch Newport County play. Frank Carson was a director of the club and would come on at half time and tell a few jokes. He was a wonderfully funny man who never swore in his act and was loved by all. May he rest in peace.
Yes the sad loss of another 'Great'.

Gromit, are you sure he did the 'Letter to his Mother' routine?

I was discussing this with my wife, and we thought it was the Irish comedian who wore a funny hat, and had Left and Right painted on his wellies, who read his letter.

I have tried to look him up on the web, but I can't think of his name. Do you know who he was?
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I think your last comment is a little strong, sasskins.

I, too, met the man and found him very friendly!!
for goodness sake sasskins gve it a rest - you've just yacked on for an hour on another thread how horrible he was - don't hihack this one - we've got the message. BTW -you never did say what he did to you(if anything)
No need for that Sasskins. Keep it for your thread!!!
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AOG, are you thinking of Jiminy Cricket.
AOG don't know about the sketch but the comic with the wellies was Jimmy Cricket
tonyav & chelle7272

That's him, thanks so much.

All I need now is for Gromit to get back to me regarding the 'Letter' routine, I am sure it was a Jiminy Cricket routine.
AOG looks like you are right

Thanks for the clip.

Gromit is not around yet, I see.
Sorry he's gone, don't like to hear of anyone dying, reminds me of my own mortality, as an aside I never found him funny.
It was definitely Frank Carson who used to read out letters sent by his mother. The one I remember started:

"Dear son, I've enclosed three socks in the parcel as the last time you wrote you said you'd grown another foot."

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